Momin’ Ain’t Easy

Over worked , under-appreciated  , but what mom isn’t ? Moms these days literally don’t get enough credit . Sure we may not work out in the hot sun or do “physically demanding” work but have you tried being a mom for a day ? It’s not an easy task , and the pay rate can be shabby ( I’m kidding ) . Its more or less the same thing day-to-day , or at least for me it is . I love it and I honestly wouldn’t trade it for the world , but I am a human & sometimes it does get to be overwhelming .

I’m not a stay at home mom , I have a full-time job , plus I have a 5-year-old and a soon to be 4-year-old . I’m not going to lie and say I’m a “single mom of two” at the moment , all though I was when I started this . I have a boyfriend , he’s for the most part amazing . He can’t find the laundry basket , put the seat down , or make his own sandwiches but I mean there’s plenty he does do . Anyway , enough about him ,back to my rant . On any typical week day my routine is as the following : wake up at 6 ( roll out of bed at 7 ) , get both kids up and moving out of bed , get myself presentable for the day , in most cases this means a messy bun & a semi matching outfit . Get my kids dressed , teeth brushed & hair combed . Most days brushing teeth is comparable to an act of cruel and unusual punishment , some days god is on my side and we manage to get it done with out it resulting in criminal punishments. Get the kids in the car , no matter how many times I tell them to hustle it , they move slower then drying paint . A typical 1 minute walk to the car from our front door usually takes about 10 minutes for them , I don’t blame them , I like to look at butterflies fluttering and ants on the ground as well ( face palm) . we get in the car , I get both kids to school and of course they both attend a different school . I do the mom drop off , I NEVER drop my kids off without telling them I love them , always do that , it makes a world of a difference ! Then I rush off to work hoping ill have enough time to hit up Starbucks . I get to work , run any errands I need to do on my lunch break , get off at 5 p.m , go get both kids from both locations , go home , get started on homework , start dinner , clean up the dishes , feed my kids , do the dishes AGAIN , then its bath time and bed time . Now where in that equation am I supposed to squeeze in time to play and bond with them ? How do other moms have all of this time on their hands to be hands on moms ? Am I a bad mom because some days I don’t have time to play ? Maybe not but it eats at me more than it should . My mom never played with me and I grew up sorta function-able . Anyway , we go to bed and its the same thing again the next day . Ok so what is my point of this rant ? What am I getting at ?

I want moms out there to know that there is no such thing as a perfect mom , this isn’t Hollywood , not everyone can afford a nanny , and you aren’t going to be perfect . The house doesn’t always have to be spotless . Sometimes , sandwiches are ok for dinner , you don’t have to slave over the stove every single night . It’s ok to throw some micro-wavable dinners in the micro wave & call that dinner . Its ok if you let the laundry pile up , we both know it’ll be there for you later . If you don’t make your bed up every day that ok to , just fluff the pillows and brush off all the crumbs before climbing in , no biggie . Its ok to tell your kids you don’t want to read little bo beep to them again for the 87th time that night . Its ok to go in your bathroom and light a candle and put on a face mask , take a few minutes for yourself , even if it is literally a few minutes . Moms have hard jobs on top of the 9-5 jobs that we have . Yes we get rewarded with cute pictures , endless kisses and those amazing stories kids love to tell , and all of those things are priceless , something only a mom can understand. But also keep in mind that moms are humans , we require attention , we have feelings , we have needs , we have life’s outside of home . Always know that what you are doing does not go unnoticed , even if you feel it does . Your kid(s) love you for everything you do , even if sometimes they act ungrateful , that’s what kids do , that’s what they are here for (lol kidding) . Remember , it takes a village to raise a child , you’re taking on the responsibility of another persons life , an amazing little person who hopefully grows up to be a superstar and repays you for all of it . Momin’ ain’t easy . Hell most dads couldn’t do it without written instructions . So , when your feeling over worked and under appreciated , take a deep breath , walk away from the dishes , put down the laundry , stop stressing over getting dinner ready , go make yourself a sandwich & the kids a corn dog and when y’all are done with your gourmet meal , go play together . Start a game of hide and seek , grab spider man and a Barbie and make up a movie scene , or grab a dinosaur and act like a savage . You’re a mom , but you are also a human , more or less a super human . I’m telling you this because I only wish someone would tell me the same thing . I’m not perfect , I cuss , I don’t wear SPF moisturizer & I damn sure don’t pretend like I have it all together , but I do what I can and at the end of the day my kids love me and I love them , and to me that is more important than having a clean house . Again momin’ aint easy , so give yourself a pat on the back & a glass of wine 🙂 .


Never have I ever …

Never have I ever been more tired & stressed out in my entire 26 years of life . Before I start let me just say that I LOVE my kids , they give me so much life . They are literally my motivation . Without them I’d probably be a drunk 27 year old working minimum wage . So , yes I’m going to rant about being a mom , but i really wouldn’t change it for the world .  
   I’m literally laying in bed , taking deep breaths & trying not to drive myself into a panic attack . I have about 8 loads of laundry to do , dishes piled up to the ceiling , the litter box needs to be changed and I didn’t prep my kids school clothes for tomorrow morning , so when we wake up it’s going to be a shit fest . They literally can’t function if their outfits aren’t laid out 5 inches away from their face for some odd reason . Now yes I know there’s starving kids in Africa and cats dying of disease so I shouldn’t be complaining, I should just be greateful , I’ve heard it a million times . I am grateful , I promise . I would just be a lot more grateful if my kids didn’t need to change clothes 78 times a day , or if maybe the cat didn’t shit so much !! I really don’t think 24 hours is enough , not for my to do list . 
  Now , unfortunately I’m not a stay at home mom , not that I could even handle that if I wanted to , so I wake up , work 8 hours , come home work another 8 hours for free , sleep for about 6 minutes and then boom I’m back at it again . Everyday . Lately however , it’s been really getting to me . The stress , the non stop hectic schedule , repeating myself 7 times every 10 seconds , and the non stop cleaning !!! I feel like I’ll never get caught up , and then I have to decide on what’s more importnat , bleaching the entire bathroom , or stopping to play dinosaurs and ponies with my littles ? I usually end up playing and then lose track of time and then we’re 30 minutes past bedtime , but we’re having so much fun we can’t stop !! But that’s what life is about right ? Yes , yes it is . I have to remind myself that the dishes will be there later , the clothes may be molded by the time they get washed , but they’ll be there . The moments with my kids won’t be . So , even though 89% of this blog was about complaints I have , never have I ever been more thankful to be stressed out and tired . My life is far from easy , it’s non stop , hectic , loud and messy . But never have I ever been more blessed . There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel , and If you drink enough Starbucks , you’ll eventually get there . 
So , with all of that being said , the good news is I’ve kept my mind off of my life long enough that I no longer fill a panic attack waiting to happen . AMEN . Now off to bed I go , because never have I ever been this tired in my life . 

Hashtagsinglemomoftwo : Blog One

Single mom of two here , FYI I’m new to this “blogging” thing , I’m not sure if I even know what a “blog” is but Ill try . I’m really just looking for an outlet of some sort I think , again I’m not really sure . But , one thing I do know is , this single mom stuff is for the BIRDS . Single moms are probably the most unappreciated people on earth , I mean sure our kids appreciate us but there’s not much a 3 year old can do to repay you . Now don’t get me wrong the ” I love you’s” are enough to literally melt your heart , but I’m here to just talk about the shit that doesn’t get talked about . The “mom melt downs” , the stares you get at the grocery store because you cant really control your tired kids while you hurry and get dinner before the next meltdown comes on , or praying to god that you get to pee alone just so you can have 2 minutes to yourself . Its real and it happens ,  but no one talks about it .

My apologies , I tend to ramble . if I don’t get it out while its on my mind , BOOM , its forgotten . Let me introduce myself , I’m from Texas , I’m 27 , a single mom , going through a divorce ( don’t pity me , the divorce has been a blessing ) , I have a 5 year old & a 3 year old and no sex life ! Lol that was a joke . I’m very blunt , I say what’s on my mind .  I believe in god , but don’t go to church . As I said I’m going through a divorce and recently single , after we separated I got into a relationship , yea I know what would god think right ? Well if your here to judge me please leave . I’m sure I’m just like tons of other moms out there , I’m trying to live a good life , be a good mom and provide for my kids all while trying to keep my compose , but life happens , shit happens . That’s what this blog is going to be about . Maybe while writing this ill find myself or some shit . Maybe ill get famous . Maybe someone will relate to me and not feel alone and not feel like a complete failure . Maybe it’ll be a huge waste of time , who knows . But lets give it a shot !!


P.s I have no clue what a blog is , how to format it or any of that . So if this looks like shit , my deepest apologies , I goggled enough to find this site and hit create . Like my life this will probably be a hot mess , go figure !  ENJOY !! 🙂