Never have I ever been more tired & stressed out in my entire 26 years of life . Before I start let me just say that I LOVE my kids , they give me so much life . They are literally my motivation . Without them I’d probably be a drunk 27 year old working minimum wage . So , yes I’m going to rant about being a mom , but i really wouldn’t change it for the world .  
   I’m literally laying in bed , taking deep breaths & trying not to drive myself into a panic attack . I have about 8 loads of laundry to do , dishes piled up to the ceiling , the litter box needs to be changed and I didn’t prep my kids school clothes for tomorrow morning , so when we wake up it’s going to be a shit fest . They literally can’t function if their outfits aren’t laid out 5 inches away from their face for some odd reason . Now yes I know there’s starving kids in Africa and cats dying of disease so I shouldn’t be complaining, I should just be greateful , I’ve heard it a million times . I am grateful , I promise . I would just be a lot more grateful if my kids didn’t need to change clothes 78 times a day , or if maybe the cat didn’t shit so much !! I really don’t think 24 hours is enough , not for my to do list . 
  Now , unfortunately I’m not a stay at home mom , not that I could even handle that if I wanted to , so I wake up , work 8 hours , come home work another 8 hours for free , sleep for about 6 minutes and then boom I’m back at it again . Everyday . Lately however , it’s been really getting to me . The stress , the non stop hectic schedule , repeating myself 7 times every 10 seconds , and the non stop cleaning !!! I feel like I’ll never get caught up , and then I have to decide on what’s more importnat , bleaching the entire bathroom , or stopping to play dinosaurs and ponies with my littles ? I usually end up playing and then lose track of time and then we’re 30 minutes past bedtime , but we’re having so much fun we can’t stop !! But that’s what life is about right ? Yes , yes it is . I have to remind myself that the dishes will be there later , the clothes may be molded by the time they get washed , but they’ll be there . The moments with my kids won’t be . So , even though 89% of this blog was about complaints I have , never have I ever been more thankful to be stressed out and tired . My life is far from easy , it’s non stop , hectic , loud and messy . But never have I ever been more blessed . There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel , and If you drink enough Starbucks , you’ll eventually get there . 
So , with all of that being said , the good news is I’ve kept my mind off of my life long enough that I no longer fill a panic attack waiting to happen . AMEN . Now off to bed I go , because never have I ever been this tired in my life . 


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